Jack Ma: Never sell goods to relatives

Discussion in 'Self Improvement and Being Successful' started by Bình An, Jun 11, 2019.

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    Jack Ma says there will always be people who don't care about the cost, the time and the effort you've spent. They would rather let others cheat, make money from me than support the people they know.

    Jack Ma once said: "When selling to friends or family members. No matter what price you sell, they always feel you are making money from them. No matter how cheap they are, they won't appreciate it. ”

    The simple reason is because these people always think: How much money can he make from him? Instead of thinking: How much did he save me?

    This is a good example of the thinking and thinking of the poor!

    How did the millionaires and billionaires get rich? One of the main reasons is because these people are always willing to support business partners, interested in the interests of others. And most importantly, they know that doing so will naturally get more back.

    They support friends and then support them again. Like that, the circle of wealth will continue to grow and develop further. As a simple logical rule, you will become richer when you understand this.

    Jack Ma said: "In sales, the first person who believes you are strangers. Friends will be the ones who watch you, even your best friends will be far away from you. The family will look down on you." .

    Ironically, however, by the day you achieve success, can pay for reunion parties or outings, you will realize that all of the above will be present, except strangers.

    What this means?
    Want to sell goods, we need to treat strangers better! And even better than your friends. Strangers are the best customers.


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    Aug 20, 2018
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    I agree with Jack Ma because this is the actual reason relatives and close friends always think: How much money can he make from him? Instead of thinking: How much did he save me? And strangers always appreciate your efforts.

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