Is it unlikely I will qualify for a business loan?

Discussion in 'Growing and Managing a Business' started by TITAN308, Feb 28, 2012.

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    Long story short we make and produce custom firearm components (via a machineshop) and also offer gunsmithing services as a second form of revenue.

    I also work a standard 9-5 job making 51k a year.

    I have invested $5-6000 of my own money in supplies, prototyping, equipment and so forth.

    I have about $5,000 in debt from small 2 year personal loans. I usually pay this off and re-open a new line.

    I am looking to get a $15,000 loan to consolidate my debt and use the remaining balance for more equipment, inventory and so forth. The $5,000 in personal loans is the only debt we have (not counting our home). No credit cards or anything.

    Credit Score is about 620 to 640.

    Credit Report shows any past debts (9 hits from roughly 4-5 years ago are paid in full that were reported. Also shows quite a bit of my loan activity over the years as PAID/NEVER LATE or OPEN/NEVER LATE.

    Also had a Chapter 7 which is now over 7 years old but still shows.

    I have a 12 page business plan addressing all items that seem to be of importance. I basically went from an expensive hobby to getting my Federal EIN about 6 months ago - so no profit as of yet and I am classified as the sole owner (so taxes go through my own stuff).

    I also have 4-5 articles (recent dates) showing the market for firearms and firearm related services skyrocketing (due to the atmosphere now a days) and show no sign of relenting. Firearms are being compared to gold in regards to value that never diminishes and being a form of currency/commodity.

    I have detailed what the loan money will go towards, as examples:

    - Expanded Work Space
    - Much needed Equipment (so I can stop outsourcing certain manufacturing processes)
    - Reloading Equipment (R&D cost a ton and the price of manufactured ammunition vs. loading my own would cut this cost by 1/4th almost)
    - LLC Filed
    - FFL License
    - Inventory
    - Marketing
    - Business Expenses (example: closest range is 45 minute trip one way - gas ain't getting any cheaper).

    I think I about covered any questions that might come up. Any feedback or advice is greatly appreciated if any loan officers float round here. :D

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