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    Do you know for $49 monthly, you can get unlimited 4G browsing, text and calling, and international texting, plus the potential to earn income monthly? Too good to be true?

    Have you ever heard about Solavei? Chance is that you've never heard of it. Solavei never commercialize their services, they leave it to their members, that is the user of their phone services to do so. The millions they would spend on advertising themselves is what they pay to members who do so. I think that should make some sense now, doesn't it? The wings they fly with is the wings of socializing, the power of networking. You still think it's too good to be true?

    Do you know how much on average a phone company spends on commercials and ads? A couple of millions? Well, in some cases, billions. For example, in 2010,, AT&T spent $2.9 billion, while Verizon spent $2.5 billion. Read more here:

    You may do some more research on how much is spent by huge companies for commercials and ads. However, bottom line is this, Solavei's idea is that, instead of spending these millions or even billions on advertising, why not pay their members, that is phone service users, for advertising them? That's what this is all about. So do you still think it's too good to be true? Well, if you still think so, then there is nothing more I can say or do to convince you about such a great opportunity as this.

    Launched September 2012, Solavei has become one of the fastest growing mobile services companies and, in just five months, as at March 6, 2013, it has paid out more than $6.5 million to its members for sharing great mobile service with others. If you want to know more about this great service and the benefits it entails, visit the website:
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    I checked your Business Insider link but I end up getting the follows;

    The page you are trying to reach cannot be found.

    Try searching the site:

    Read more:

    The other link for your main site Solvei works But I have seen another website like this. Sites like this are emerging.

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