Introduction of network HD video matrix

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    With the promotion of high definition network monitoring, the quality requirements of video surveillance is also rising in the practical application, image is required more clear and accurate. Existing analog cameras are gradually replaced by digital cameras. Monitor high-definition standard also sublimated from the scan line into the resolution. HD Network Camera 720P, 1080P technology is well established. As a network decoder, output HDMI high-definition digital matrix has been applied in many projects. Features of HD network matrix are as follows:
    Firstly, I believe that the most important thing of high-definition network digital matrix is the stand-alone processing capability. Is there a limit in number of high-definition network camera can access. The maximum decoding capability supported at the same time, such as the currently available network high-definition video matrix, supporting at the same time the 24-way HD decoder, 36 HD decoding, etc. How many stand-alone output interfaces and the split screen functions. Market high-definition digital matrix generally able to implement an HD the HDMI interface output capability of single screen, three screens, four screens, six-screen and eight-screen. Matrix of different decoding capabilities to achieve the single-screen 1,4,9 split screen display, and can achieve the TV wall round patrol switch display of 48 into 24 or 32 into 16. Each screen supports for 720P and 1080P high-definition display. Application areas and requirements are different with different processing capabilities.
    Secondly, HD network matrix has expanded the function to the compatibility of the coding equipment. Network HD digital matrix of most manufacturers is varying degrees compatible with megapixel network camera, HD network encoder and other equipment of mainstream domestic manufacturers. Some manufacturers have done some expansion functions, TV wall centralized control function such as implement stand-alone video centralized video storage on the basis of the network HD video matrix and decoder to switch the output stream media one-to-many forwarding splicing control. This feature makes the HD management configuration more flexible, and more convenient, particularly for small and medium-sized system. HD network matrix stand-alone storage generally has a RAID array function. Storage management has advanced strategy such as nominal polling, formatted according to the letter, overlap before and after file interface and so on. In the aspect of HD network matrix interface, it utilizes standard TCP / IP input and output. Most manufacturers use one or a dual 1000M/10G Ethernet port. By ordinary 1000M switch conduct multi-machine network full cross matrix switch to achieve very large network monitoring system switching control function such as multi-screen combination. Not only can it achieves all high-definition video output at the same time, but also can achieves flexible matrix switching control. Networking of multi-level high-definition network matrix through IP can achieves functions based on the IP network such as off-site remote HD matrix cascade control and remote switching.

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