Internet Marketing Expert And Balanced Lifestyle

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    If you are into internet marketing, you have to explore the lifestyle that
    is the envy of every person on the planet: jetsetting, having vacation after
    vacation, while money rolls in on automatic pilot. However, this comes with a price,
    and whether you realize it or not, burnout may be on your cards.

    You may or may not be an internet marketing expert. Perhaps you are striving to be
    one. No matter where you go, we live on 24 hours a day, and even if you are a super
    internet marketer, there's always a limit to what you can do with the time you have.

    There are three major categories of internet marketers. The first, is the
    super-hardworking sort. You are the kind that works literally 16 hour days as if
    this were a job you could be fired from. Unfortunately, you overwork, and you burn
    out quickly. Your family complains about your lifestyle. You don't have balance.

    The second is the one that ding-dongs from hard work to no work. You churn out
    content, then you sell them, make your money, then go on vacation. You are the
    epitome of active income, because without activity, you have no income.

    The final one which is by far the smartest, is the one that builds residual income
    streams. By this, I mean building an income stream that works without you. If you
    haven't learnt how to build income streams, you probably aren't really able to build
    much residual ones. However, this should be your primary concern, because you will
    have to work hard once and then forget about it.

    Jay Conrad Levinson, the father of Guerilla Marketing, leads an extremely balanced
    life. He works hard for three days of the week and takes the rest off to enjoy what
    the world has for him. If you are someone who desires this kind of life, you will
    definitely need to stop thinking of yourself as the hard working guru. It's a matter
    of principle. You have more responsibility than simply just making money. You have
    family and health to care for.

    The balanced lifestyle has only two basic elements. The first is personal alignment
    and the second is goal awareness. Personal alignment is in doing something that fits
    in with our purpose and being. If you are not aligned, you'd be extremely stressed.
    Sometimes, you might think you are aligned, but you might be shocked that I'd say
    you could be addicted. Being addicted and being passionate with what you do are two
    very different things, and it isn't easy to identify. What you must realize is that
    if you are addicted to it, it could spell disaster for your well-being eventually.

    The second is goal awareness. You will need to be more aware of your desires, and
    things that require your attention. Do you need to build a better relationship with
    your spouse? Your children? How about your health - mental, spiritual and physical?
    Considering these goals and being aware of how you can dovetail these with your
    limited time schedule, you will begin to realize how much more you can achieve even
    within the same span of time. Dovetailing is a process of seeing two things and
    achieving it as though it were one goal. Don't just do internet marketing and become
    an internet marketing expert. Be the father who dotes on his family while you are an
    expert. Don't just be a millionaire. Be a millionaire that shares with the world.

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