Innovation and Reform - Today high-frequent Words

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    From Minnesota, U.S.A., I have join Business Advice Forum for interacting and learning from worldwide experts and professionals in their fields. Crises and under-performance have inspired both executives and policymakers to think with innovation and reform for action solutions. Delivering their decisions are ultimate goals and sustainable achievements. Talks are easily done, but deliveries are not. Advisers can earn decent incomes by fetching their insights and solutions to help clients achieve economic values. Other types of clients may seek other purposes from advisers.

    Innovation is not a way of improving management processes, but the output results.
    Reforms usually improve old methods by new ones to produce more profits in forms of sales revenues, net income and market capitalization.

    A combination of innovation and reforms needs time, efforts and capitals to direct a business organization to an expected destination. Finally, my participation here is to learn and interact with you for innovation and reforms in a free market economic model.

    Fresh-air in Minnesota.

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