Importance of Reverse SEO

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    Any type of publicity is a good publicity? Not necessarily. Negative publicity - has become a widespread problem for online businesses. Anyone can write about your business from anywhere. They do not have a name.

    The bad press or review or comments are big problem for you?

    It may be time to use a reverse SEO. With the Internet and social media, bad news can be transformed into a public relations nightmare. How do you control the damage?

    The story that follows is not true, but could have been ...

    We had an altercation with a potential customer. He did not like our prices, and although we have no contract, he thought he was going to be fooled. He chose a well known site of complaints and posted a complaint against us for mistreated customers. For a month, someone who was searching for our name, saw the results, "the complaint". Now, granted, some of our clients came to us real defend and deny, but the damage was done.

    In this case, the reputation management was easy - sort of. We contacted the site complaint, showed them letters and they removed the complaint. However, it took one month for the complaint to disappear from search engines.

    For these two months, it is unclear how many potential customers we may have lost from this single false complaint.

    Control of negative publicity

    The "reverse SEO" push "bad publicity" of the first page of search engines, thereby reducing its exposure to the population, and thus generally reducing the potential negative impact to your business.

    It is very rare that a company manages to keep a reputation fully intact and untouched. It happens to everyone, whether claims are legitimate or not; the bitterness of employees, competitors, etc ... can quickly destroy your online reputation. Because these complaints are easy to do so anonymously, they are difficult to control, and more difficult to handle in private.

    So tell me readers have you been in a similar situation? Maybe you can share with us how you react or what you say ...

    If you have a suspicion that the risk of negative publicity you get, please make an appointment with a good SEO that makes Reverse SEO.

    This article is contributed by Paul Lopez who write articles on various topics, including SEO, Dedicated Servers, cloud hosting, and much more …
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    This is definitely an interesting approach to handling PR problems. I think a better way to solve the problem would be to ask the customer what you could do to resolve the situation. Half the time asking the customer what their opinion on the problem is immediately changes their attitude from negative one to a positive one.

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