If you ran a micro job site how would you promote it?

Discussion in 'Internet Marketing' started by c6sh_jobs, Jul 16, 2012.

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    Jul 16, 2012
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    As you know the micro job market is full of these fiverr clones, with fiverr seeming virtually untouchable my arm is to work along side them rather than try to over them. (take a piece of the pie in other words).

    However, i would like to know what kinda of strategy would you use to promote the site?

    i'm looking to target the keyword "micro jobs" at first then when i need to i will target some other keyword if need be.

    My site is up and running however no jobs and no members yet... we haven't fully launched. I am currently doing SEO on and off the site and have hired a developer who will add new features to the site.

    i have some ideas if you can give me your input that would help a lot!!

    + build backlinks (of course quality ones)
    + offer link exchanges with other similar site owners
    + start a blog about the site
    + articles
    + social media ? ( i done this for a few sites didn't really work much high bounce rate)

    anything else you can add to this? thanks for your help in advanced warriors

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    Jun 21, 2012
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    How did Fiverr promote themselves at first? My understanding is that it was basically word of mouth. It just then took off. Others have tried to do the same but could not replicate. That usually happens when something becomes popular, everybody else tries the same. But Fiverr was first, or at least the first to become known and hugely popular so others are left with crumbs. What you have to do is surpass Fiverr, not replicate everything exactly. The tide however is going to be hard to hold back.

    The problem is two-fold as far as I can see. You need service providers, otherwise nobody is going to buy those services. You need buyers, but if no providers, there won't be any. Therefore, you need to promote the heck out of such as site to BOTH sides. You also need to be different.

    I do have some ideas. Create a small ebook you give away for free. This ebook should explain the advantages (and disadvantages) of using a micro job site. Explain how it works, tell them to come and visit your site. You site has to be different than Fiverr and the others. You need a unique selling proposition that Fiverr doesn't have or does have but few know about. Promote that ebook where potential buyers are such as business forums.

    You'd first need to attract service providers. You must have many ready when you do get the buyers. Again, you need to have some USP for them. Charging them only 10% instead of 20% for example may be a good one. That's more in line with freelance sites like eLance.

    SEO is not going to work until you get providers. People, at least the buyers, will be searching for the service they are looking for, not for micro job sites.

    Go to all those forums and post there, link to your site. Let them know you need providers. Many there may become buyers too. Warrior Forum and Digital Point are good ones and where I first learned of Fiverr. Many there are providers and buyers.

    Start an affiliate program.
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  3. phoenixflyhigh

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    Jun 17, 2012
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    Hello c6sh_jobs,

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