I am my spirit.

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    I am that which existed before, during and after this body, these events, these relations, and this place. That which exists beyond time and space.

    In my flesh, my thoughts, my choices, my relations, my humanness, I am anything but perfect. But at my core, in my spirit, I am perfect. As we all are.

    And though I cherish this human life, and this temporary body and family I am in, and I am committed to trying my best for all others and myself out of that love, I know I have nothing to lose.

    Because I have been given the gift of this eternal spirit. Because I am my spirit.

    I am pure, I am whole, I am God’s, I am the universe, I am grateful.

    I am love.

    And I have nothing to fear.

    Everything is ultimately good.

    And so it will be.

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