How Web Designers Bring Search Engine Benefit to Clients?

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    Web design is mostly considered a creative field but it is important to ponder on the search engine angle for receiving additional benefit. It is well known that online marketing efforts cost a lot of money; in such a scenario, making the search engines work for you can do a lot of good to business and brand popularity. Seasoned web designers do it on routine basis to give additional edge to their clients. So, here are how best web designer make search engines work for their clients;

    By making images bot-friendly

    Search engine bots crawl web pages to categorize them according to their relevancy. Considering images are nowadays greatly being used to enhance the visual appeal of the website, making them bot-friendly is very crucial. ‘Alt’ tag is used to describe what the image is all about and how it relates to the website. This makes images responsive to search queries, and bring additional traffic.

    By taking care of title tags

    Search engines love title tags and they heavily depend on it to furnish appropriate results. Present in the code, a title tag needs to be informative and representative of the page content. Leaving it empty, using the brand name in it or, even worse, using the same title tag for all the pages can lead to a search engine disaster. Designers with knowledge about search engine functionality educate clients about their importance and see to their inclusion. To make sure such non-designing related issues are taken care of, global businesses prefer hiring web designers from a seasoned web services firm India.

    Employing HTML navigation

    JavaScript menus look gorgeous and contribute a lot to user experience but if you are counting on search engine traffic for business growth, they may not be the best idea. Just like Flash, such menus remain invisible to search engine bots, making it hard for inner pages to get indexed. So, use HTML navigation as it will simplify the work of bots. Having a site map is another way to give crawlers the access to important pages of the website. Usually found at the bottom of the homepage, sitemap contributes a lot to search engine visibility.

    By staying away from content duplication

    At present, there is nothing Google hates more than duplicate content. Seasoned designers familiar with recent algorithm updates are aware of this and suggest clients to stay away from content duplication. Besides leaving a poor impression on visitors, it can lead to SE penalties that could be hard to recover from. Hidden content is also harmful in the same way and thus shouldn't be used to trick search engines.

    Though designing minds lack expert search engine knowhow, seasoned web designers get to know such basic yet critical details by being active in the industry for long. Joining hands with an experienced web services firm with wide range of design packages (for instance, ) will meet your needs in a better way.

    So, make sure your hired design professionals are familiar with above mentioned SE details for improving chances of web success.

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