How to verify company in Poland

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    How to check company in Poland? How to verify that company exists in Poland?

    Simplest way is to check their numbers.


    Each company in Poland is registered .

    General partnership companies, Limited liability partnership companies, Limited liability companies, Joint stock companies,etc are obliged to register in Ministry of Justice Register - National Court Register (KRS - Krajowy Rejestr Sadowy). They have obligation to publish their KRS number.

    So you are able to check the number at official KRS site: (It is goverments register - )

    Companies have also statistical numbers. You can check if the given number REGON or NIP belongs to given company here: (It is goverments register - ).

    On the same site you can check NIP number. NIP number is used by sole traders by VAT number ( you can verify it here: ( =EN )

    Sole trader/simply proprietorship do not have KRS numbers so you have to check their REGON or NIP.

    You can also check the company by contacting the register in city office where company is registered/located. Problem is that they usualy will not help you by e-mail, fax or telephone. It depends on office.

    NIP (Numer Identyfikacji Podatkowej) - it is number for taxation purposes.

    It is something as Social Security number/National Insurance number, but not for insurance purposes.

    REGON (REjestr GOspodarki Narodowej) - Number for national statistic purposes.

    BE CAREFUL - IF YOU ARE NOT SURE IF PHONE NUMBER, E-MAIL, BANK ACCOUNT - belongs to company that use given KRS/REGON/NIP/VAT number - check it too. Scamer could pretend to be a real company and give you some false contact/bank data.

    If you want us to verify company in Poland for free:

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