How to use Internet find a good supplier in China

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    How do buyers look for suppliers? How to use the network to find suppliers?
    As a purchaser, the first challenge is how to build your own supplier network.In addition to the salesman's initiative to sell to your company, how should the buyer take the initiative to find and establish their own supplier?

    Many newcomers will have such confusion: they just entered the procurement field and are not familiar with the company's processes; they don't know how to find the right suppliers; how to purchase the products that are suitable for their own company; Just do not know how to arrange them when they are on the job; How to work more efficiently, these are the concerns and confusions of new purchasing people.

    In fact, similar confusion has existed among newcomers in many fileds. The key is to see if newcomers are positioning themselves and supplementing knowledge in a timely manner.

    As a purchaser, how do you find a supplier that suits you? The conventional methods are:

    1, online search - through Google, professional forums, B2B sites, etc.
    2. Introduced by a friend;
    3, find relevant people to recommend;
    4. Field survey

    Articles 2, 3, and 4 are common methods used to experienced purchaser. However, for purchasing new people, Article 1 is the most efficient and practical.

    How to find quality suppliers through the Internet? Specific steps are as follows:

    First understand the performance and market price of the products that your company needs to purchase.

    As the saying goes, if a worker wants to do something good, he must first sharpen his weapon. Before find it online, it is recommended to first understand the performance and approximate market price of the product to be purchased. This is to facilitate a certain initiative when looking for suppliers online. Because of their own professionalism in the product, the supplier will think that you are familiar with the product, and generally do not arbitrarily quote. For the procurement, it will also be very smooth to purchase products of suitable price and quality to help the company save costs.

    Second, determine the keywords

    With a general knowledge of product and price, you can start online and find good suppliers.

    In our stainless steel industry, due to the wide variety of products and a wide variety of products, it is not easy to find a suitable supplier, especially for quality factories. Most small factories are dominated by traders, and many factories on Alibaba are actually traders. So finding the right factory on the Internet is very important.
    If the factory is looking for 304 stainless steel suppliers, the keywords will be determined first. The key words are as follows:
    stainless steel factory, stainless steel manufacturer, steel manufacturer, steel factory, stainless steel company, stainless steel supply, stainless steel wholesale, etc. If you want find suppliers in Shanghai, for the convenience of cooperation, Can directly join the regional name search: Shanghai Stainless Steel , Shanghai Stainless Steel factory, Shanghai Stainless Steel manufacturer, Shanghai Stainless Steel manufacturer, Shanghai Stainless Steel company, Shanghai Stainless Steel supply, Shanghai Stainless Steel wholesale, Shanghai Stainless Steel custom-made, etc.

    Then determine 2-3 keywords, such as: 304 Stainless Steel Sheet, Shanghai , Shanghai factory to achieve supplier focus.

    Next, use Google search: lace, 304 Stainless Steel Sheet Shanghai Luthan Steel

    Usually I will choose the company listed on the first and second pages.Because these top rankings are generally factories or agents with a certain scale and strength, such company products are guaranteed with high quality and quality, and the company's strength is also trustworthy.

    Third, assess the strength and scale of suppliers - company website ranking

    For example, we searched for: stainless steel 304, Shanghai Stainless steel, Shanghai stainless steel factory, the first three keywords are: Shanghai Luthan International Trade Co.,Ltd
    After the search results come out, we will go to the website to see the supplier's company profile, factory pictures, and their organizational structure. If these are complete, the supplier is a complete, regulated company. Because from these aspects, you can quickly confirm the external strength and scale of a supplier

    The websites of many companies on the Internet generally do not have pictures of production plants, organizational charts and the like, and their strength and scale are difficult to evaluate. They may also be small workshops or small traders, and the variety of websites is varied and varied.

    After analyzing the supplier's website, the purchase can directly contact the supplier by telephone, or skype you can directly contact the supplier salesman. If the response speed is very fast, it indicates that the supplier's after-sales and service are better and worth considering.

    Fourth, assess the qualifications of suppliers

    After a search engine search and preliminary evaluation through the website, the following is entering the assessment state, ready to be established as a supplier. After chatting with the supplier salesperson, you can request the following information for assessment:
    1. A copy of the business license of the official seal
    2. A copy of the official tax registration certificate of the official seal (and has been processed for the annual inspection)
    3. Corporate legal person code certificate
    4. Trademark registration certificate
    5. Agency, dealer agent, distribution license (authorization)
    6. Business account information

    If the supplier can provide such information and has passed the assessment, it will be able to cooperate smoothly in the future.

    The above are the steps and examples of finding quality suppliers online.

    For Procurement newcomers

    Many newcomers are easy to have a misunderstanding: the quality and price of the manufacturer is the best, but it is not. Because the products of agents and traders are also supplied by the manufacturers, the products and after-sales are guaranteed. In terms of price, because they have cooperated for a long time, the number of customers is large, so to a certain extent, there are also advantages in price and quality.

    For example, some customers need to buy only 5000kgs of stainless steel 439 sheet. In factories, especially large factories, it is difficult to get good prices, and sometimes even higher than the price of traders and wholesalers. many. Because factory have a MOQ for each orders and small order they will not accept. But agents and traders have these advantages.

    In fact, the supplier is a manufacturer, a distributor, a trader, and the agent is not very important. What important is whether the supplier can provide suitable products and after-sales services for your company. Therefore, the goal should be to find: to find a trustworthy supplier, to achieve the goal of purchasing high quality and low price. As the saying goes, regardless of the white cat and black cat, catching the mouse is a good cat.

    Ok, there are quite a lot of words to talk about. As a newcomer to purchase, there are many aspects that need to be learned.

    If you want to be professional quickly, be a TOP Buyer, you should work proactively.

    In general, you should also know more about the performance, quality and even the use of materials required by the company; know which suppliers are doing this brand in China or abroad, what are the agents, and which are the good traders to ensure that they are right products. Understand and be sure to increase your strength and bargaining power with suppliers. By doing this you will have more topics when you communicate with the suppliers.

    I always believe that whether it is work or life, it is important to see whether your goal is clear and how active you are in achieving your goals. I am also on the way to the goal, but I firmly believe that one day, I will succeed, I believe you also will!

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