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    Simply start a new thread in this action to submit a business, webmaster, SEO or personal success article. All article posts are moderated and will hence not be viewable until they are approved by the forum staff. Articles will normally be approved within 24 hours.

    Members who write an original article for Business Advice Forum are welcome to include a link to their business or website, as the creator of the article.

    By submitting your article(s) to our Articles and Tutorial Section:

    1. You confirm that you have copyright to publish the article on Business Advice Forum.
    2. It is the forum moderator’s decision as to whether your article is published. There are no guarantees made that your article(s) will be published. Quality always matters. We reserve the right to remove your article(s).
    3. The sole purpose of the Article and Tutorials section is for other members to be able to share factual, helpful information and guides pertaining to several aspects of business, development, business idea, business tutorials, webmaster or personal success topics – and for you and other members to benefit from other users as well. We do not allow promotional content that is advertisement driven..
    4. Your article should adhere with the Editorial Guidelines (see below) we have set to maintain uniformity and standard submission of contents in the page.
    5. We will only allow 1 link on the lowest part of your article and should link only to the homepage and not to a direct landing / internal page.
    6. You can add resource links at the end of your article, provided that it is only to support your idea / content / tutorial.

    Submission Format:

    • Article Title: *The Title of the article should be a short description of the content.*
    • Author: Your name / username for original articles, or actual author's name (mandatory) for non-original articles
    • Article Content / Body: This would be the actual article itself, and may include 1 link at the end (Note: Advertising does not belong here. If your article is an advertisement, please post it in the appropriate section).
    • Resource Links: Links to support your ideas or topic, or a link to the original source. For non-original articles a link to the source must be included. If the link to the original source is included at the end of the article body, and this field can be eliminated.

    Editorial Guidelines:

    1. Must have proper grammar, spelling, punctuation, capitalization and sentence structure
    2. Must not be written as a News, PR, or something that is time sensitive
    3. Must not contain any pornographic material, and should be related to the topics of this forum, i.e. business, webmaster, SEO and personal success
    4. Must not contain unethical business ideas or information
    6. Must follow the Article submission format listed above.

    Thanks to Mark T and joeroxx for your help with these guidelines.
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