How to start my own fashion brand?

Discussion in 'Starting a Business' started by Bpro, Aug 9, 2016.

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    I have a huge passion for fashion design and love to play in creative ways to create usable and fashionable clothing. Since few years i got an urge to start my own brand with a motto to create good quality clothing to consumers. I have started doing research and decided to start with Men's garments initially.

    However i am facing huge problems now :

    1. The initial investment i can afford is around 500000/- INR which roughly comes to $7500 USD.
    In above budget surely i can not setup my own manufacturing unit so i decided to get around 25 SKU
    manufactured from various manufacturers for 100 pcs each design.
    A quick math will do as 25x100 = 2500 PCS.
    1 Pc cost is 200/- INR 2500x200 = 500000/-

    Now the problem i am facing is, Most of the manufacturers demands for 500 pcs each design to manufacturer. If i order 500pcs for each design than i will be able to get produced only 5 different designs and selling in
    market with only 5 designs is not a way to go.

    2. Limited funding : As i am having limited funding i am not able to get produced more design which in turn is stopping me to follow my passion. How i can find investor to invest and i am sure i will be able to establish a good brand name.
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    Have you considered selling through a third party such as Amazon, or a company that will sell your designs through their website? This will not only allow you to have fewer designs, but will introduce your brand to your desired customer, and information about your designs will spread through word-of-mouth(or word-of Facebook, or word-of-Twitter:D), so when you have enough money to start your own business, you have already established a group of potential customers.

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