How to set targets for sales?!

Discussion in 'Growing and Managing a Business' started by Arta, Jun 22, 2012.

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    i am new in this forums and so happy that i find it because i have so many questions and other than looking for answers myself and reading about those questions , it would be very usefull if i can get some of your views about them aswell.
    i became an online marketing manager after working in a company for 3 years as a website developer and seo analyst . i started with setting targets for sales by analysing how much have we sold same time last year, and i doubled it and set it as our target it worked for three month then it gone down dramatically but still quite more than what we sold same time last years , i know economy and particulary in our business which you can call seasonal , when it gets warmer sales go down a bit , i also tried to change my way of setting target by doubling the difference between same time last year and a month before?! please advice me with this target setting and let me know about your ideas , i also like to know if one month we sell same as last years, considering we done more to change the website such as adding more user friendly modules and worked more on SEO and also improved customer services !! is it a bad news that we sold same !!!!

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    By directing your marketing efforts to profitable clients, you can revenue or profit even not by increasing traffic or spending more and more on content creation and marketing. You can definitely increase your sales in shorter time, if you focus your by focusing the clients, know their needs and provide them what they want so that they buy more.

    Any ecommerce business selling products rely heavily on its site to convert visitors into sales. Conversion rate is a great way to track the performance of the site and any marketing campaign. I agree with you that every company should know their cost per acquistion even for organic search campaigns.Targeted campaigns drive more sales and leads on Google, Yahoo and Bing. But i think in the begining you need to loose money to brand your website. Only at advanced stage you are in the position to target your most profitable customers.

    Following are the methods we use to improve our conversion rate:

    1.A/b and Mutivariate testing
    2. Customers Surveys
    3. Geo targeting
    4. Behavioral Re-targeting
    5. Market Research

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