How To Send Invoices Online For Free

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    As a small business owner, you need to manage your financial records quickly and securely and get paid on time. It's time to spend less time managing your invoicing and more time developing your business.

    This is where can help you. It is a free online invoicing tool that enables you to create unlimited invoices, add new customers and personalize your invoices & estimates! It also supports multiple currencies and you can send your invoices via e-mail. is OS independent as it can be used online from anywhere in the world. You can create Unlimited PDF customized invoices, estimates and PO's. Plus, you can select PayPal as your preferred payment option and import invoices, estimates and purchasing orders using MS-Excel template based invoicing.

    To import items using Excel, you need to follow a few simple steps:

    1. Create a new account with
    2. Go to "Invoices" tab.

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    3. Click "New Invoice" or select an existing invoice and click "Edit".

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    4. Click the "+Import Items" link and download the Excel line-item import template.

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    5. Once you fill in the details in the Excel spreadsheet, save the file and click on "Choose File" to select the file you have saved.

    6. Now you can select the "Import Items" button and the imported line-items will show up in your invoice.

    A very effective way to work online and send professionally designed invoices. Join today and send yours too!
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    It's very good information.

    Work by using Excel and sending by e-mail across the globe. It also is free of charge.

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