How to Reset Windows Password on ThinkPad Laptop

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    For IBM ThinkPad Laptop or Lenovo ThinkPad password reset, there are common password problems about the BIOS password, Power-on password, Hard drive password, etc. Here we will discuss how to reset ThinkPad password based on Windows 7, XP, Vista, Server 2003, 2008 domain, etc.

    Firstly, ThinkPad password reset with password reset disk
    Well, the first way is the most time saving and money saving to recover lost ThinkPad password. Pity that most of ThinkPad laptop users may without this named ThinkPad password reset disk. Notice that we should create the disk before lost or forgotten password or at the time that we set the password for logon Windows system. The below are steps to create and use the Windows 7 password reset disc for ThinkPad Windows 7 laptop:
    1. Insert a CD/DVD/USB Flash Drive into the driver.
    2. Click Start - Control Panel - User Accounts and Family Safety - User Accounts.
    3. Select “Create a password reset disk” - “Forgotten Password Wizard” on the left pane.
    4. Click “Next” and follow the Wizard to create password reset disk.
    Once we forgot Win 7 password for ThinkPad computer at the login screen and input an incorrect password, click “Reset Windows Password” and insert the password reset disk. The Password Reset Wizard will lead us create a new password to remove the lost or forgotten Windows 7 password.

    Secondly, unlock ThinkPad Windows XP password with Windows Installation Disc
    1. Start PC with Installation disc. Choose “Accept” once it asks to repair your current Windows installation, press “R” to run repair and also allow PC to repair by copying files to hard drive.
    2. The PC will reboot, and then display “Press any key to continue.” Please do not press any key.
    3. Let computer restart the installation and at the same time please notice the words shown at the bottom of screen. Once “Installing Devices” comes up, press “Shift +F10”.
    4. Then input “nusrmgr.cpl” and press “Enter”.
    5. On the User Accounts windows, choose the “Administrator account”. Then there will be listed all user accounts of the system.
    6. Select the account that has to remove or reset password.
    With Installation CD to break ThinkPad password also can be used on system based on Windows 7, Vista, 2000, Server 2008, etc.

    Thirdly, reset ThinkPad administrator password by accounts with administrative rights
    Only the accounts with administrative privileges can help us reset lost password, the built-in administrator account included. Now, take ThinkPad XP password recovery in Safe Mode as example:
    1. Press F8 once IBM ThinkPad laptop starts. Select “Safe Mode with Command Prompt” and Enter.
    2. At the login screen with computer user accounts, choose an available account to login. Please note that the built-in Administrator account password is blank if never set password for it before.
    3. In Safe Mode, Dos command displays. Input “net user” and press Enter to list all the user names in Windows XP computer. Then input “net user Susan 123” (Susan is the locked account name and 123 is the new password set on this account) and press Enter. Then we will see “The command completed successfully.”
    4. Input “shutdown -r” and press Enter to restart the system, then we can access “Susan” account in normal logon mode.

    If the above methods still can not help us reset ThinkPad password or make us feel difficult to operate without some techniques, we can opt for some professional Windows Password Recovery tool or software. Such as Ainorsoft Windows Password Recovery, it has Basic, Enhance and Corporation three different versions for computer basic on Windows 7, XP, Vista, Server 2003, Server 2008, R2, etc. Especially, Windows Password Recovery Corporation has large amounts of faithful users. With the Windows Password Recovery software, users can solve Windows password problem within minutes without special techniques!

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    Awesome! Thanks mate! I was actually thinking about using another program to do this but now I don't need to. I had my computer locked once and then I forgot my pw and had to reboot and restore my whole computer. It was a big bummer.

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