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    Selecting The Best Domain Name

    If being found in the major search engines (Google, Yahoo, etc.) is important to you, I highly recommend you register a name that contains your major keywords instead of your company name.

    Think about it. The average surfer searches by subject, not by proper name. So why it may seem cool to have a name like, you'll want to choose a name that includes keywords that your target audience would likely use when they search.

    So with that in mind, a name like would be much better than

    Sure, you can still list your company name on your web pages, but I believe it's more important to make sure the domain name includes your important "search friendly" keywords if you want to receive traffic from all over.

    Of course, you can still list your company name on the web site some place, but your domain name will include all the important keywords you'll want to be found with.

    You can read the full article here if you wish to know more:
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    - Go to an administrator Internet registrar online. See the More Resources section below for a good suggestion on where to start.
    - Enter the name or phrase of the domain name you would like to register. Follow the rules regarding name length and format.
    - Search for the name.
    - If the name is already taken, enter a new name and search again until you find one that is still available. If you tried .com as a suffix, try .org or .net instead.
    - Register the domain name.
    - Pay the filing fee online or through the mail, following the instructions on the Web site.

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