How to Recover from Google Penguin Penalty?

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    April 24, 2012 was a nasty day for millions of SEO Experts and for Website Owners as on that day, Google has announced its first update called as “Google Penguin” for decreasing ranking for over optimization websites. Many small online business websites come at the ground zero level from Google Penguin update.

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    Before Google, Penguin updates, Many small-business people get the pleasant revenue from them online website by achieving excellent ranking in Google for them targeted keywords. However, this entire story just now reversed after “Google Penguin” update. So many websites which have good values suddenly all they are come to zero level from Google update. As per survey, many small business websites losing 50-60% online revenue after “Google Penguin” update.

    Among all pros and cons, the positive sign for SEO professionals and for website, owner is your website can come out from Google Penguin If you work with old link data of your website. So I am just sharing with you the best and easy process to come out from “Google Penguin Penalty”

    1. Check your website Status In Google: Very first step is just check out how many pages are indexed in Google you can check same by writing in Google Search bar.

    2. Collect Internal Link Data: Collect the Internal link data from Google Webmaster account.

    3. Flter Internal Link Data: Filter the internal link data and collecting the URLS of your website pages which carries more than 100 links and pages, which carry external links.

    4. Remove Internal links: Now works on pages which carry more than 100 links just try to reduce internal links because as per “Google Bot” like up to 100 links per page. In addition, add <nofollow> tags for external links so link juice factors will not be affected to internal pages.

    5. Collect Link to Your Site Data (Back link Data): Just Collect the Link to your site data from Google Webmaster account and filter all the data with unique domain. Now identify the links which are not relevant to your website and also filtering multiples links from one website.

    Example: If you have a website, and you have opened up multiple accounts in Social Bookmarking website and submitting one URL with different urls which mean you are doing spamming activities for your web page as per “Google Penguin updates”. So just collect the link data and short out with domain names and remove the multiple listings from same websites.

    As per “Google Penguin” update irrelevant profile links is badly harm your website ranking. So precisely collect your old link building data and remove the unnatural forum profile links from irrelevant forum platforms.

    6. Resolve Duplicate Content Issue: As your website carries to duplicate content then also you will slap out from Google through “Google Penguin” update. So just check out your website content and check with and if its display the original source of content then replaced your duplicate content with unique content. Remember Google also find out spinning content easily so don’t tried to use spinning content of other websites.

    7. Resolve Internal Link Structure Issue: As in past many website owners or SEO experts just use the targeted keyword as an “Anchor Text” many times in internal link structures by giving links in the footer. However, all these tactics now not work anymore. So if your website carried multiple pages for same services and your website footer is filled up with links on “Anchor Texts” then just try to remove from the footer put unique links in the footer. Additionally, just try to cover numerous keywords in one page only rather than creating numerous pages for same services. And if you have already then just given priority to any one page and apply 301 redirections on remaining pages, which carry a similar type of content.

    7.Send the Reconsideration Request to Google: After checking all above points send the reconsideration request to Google from Google Webmaster and also send the data of removing anomalous links, so they precisely believe that you are really work out on removing unnatural links.
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    Google Penguin was a severe punishment on web spam.
    Very informative share.These are really mandatory steps to recover from it.

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    Google Penguin is Google's update to remove all the spam that Panda didn't caught. Because most of the stuff that was caught was based on how they link build their websites most of the websites that have spammy links or have links in spammy websites are deindex or dropped from the rankings.

    It's a bit tricky to explain. But to say it in a much simpler example: If the websites you've been leaving your link has been deindex or dropped from the rankings expect some changes in your rankings also coz it's a domino effect.

    Google just want to remind us that we should do more natural links and gain it in a natural way and not to use other techniques that they can eventually have a solution.

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