How To Motivate Your Sales Crew

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    1. Listen to the needs of the Sales Team. Be sensitive to who is selling a difficult product or a high-end service. Be aware of an easy, low-priced sale that can turn into volume and add dollars onto a commission. Every individual on your team has different needs. Your newest salesman might want a simple cash reward. For others, a combination of recognition and money as well as awards may be more important.

    2. Keep your website up to date. Every sales meeting should have an overview of any product and services changes so your sales team is not flying blind in front of the customer. Showcase any new products that have been added or discontinued. Watch out for any discounts, coupons or special sales prices. Make sure your entire sales team understands the website and can use it as a tool to make a sale while in the field.

    3. Reward Your Top People and Inspire Those Who Struggle. Make sure sales territories are equitable. If the junior sales rep has a territory of 5,000 and the top dog sales guy has 100, something is wrong there. If you have states as territories, make sure it is a balanced group. You have fewer people in Montana and Rhode Island.
    Include both individual and team awards. Make a reward for Top Sales, Most Contracts, Most New Customers and Most Improved. Create a Best New Sales Team, Best Renewal Sales Team or Best Legacy Sales Team.

    4. Get Out of Your Office and Into The Field. Show them you want them to succeed. A policy decision that increases the chances of making more money is good for both the company and salespeople. Schedule a ride-along with all your junior sales people and clue them in on some productive tactics. Let them drive the sales presentation and you offer to do the Q & A session.

    5. Everyone Needs Constructive Criticism. Focus on the positive and reward those who are putting in the effort to improve. A simple compliment goes a long way and costs nothing. Salespeople are putting their skills and talents out there every day trying to bring in your dollars and their commissions. Let them know you see them working hard and that you appreciate their individual efforts.

    6. Give Them The Tools and Get Out Of The Way. Make sure your sales staff has everything it needs to succeed. A contact management system packed with client information for top-notch customer relationship management is necessary for keeping track on the customer touch. A salesperson needs to have every modern communication device known to man so he can communicate with the customer in his terms.

    As an effective sales manager you will need to initiate a constructive conversation with each salesperson. You will need to grasp that you have a team of individuals with highly unique motivations. You will need to tailor your incentives towards those motivations and get a higher sales closing ratio from your team. Your sales team works diligently to understand their customers every day. You should know how your salespeople react and respond in certain sales situations. Find out where your sales team places high value and capitalize on that.

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