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    When we talk about making a profit through e-mails, you will find many incorrect methods in your face that will not help you to earn anything.
    So I'm going to talk about real ways to do this here

    Now You simply have to do two steps

    The first is to build your email list

    The second is to send emails to this list

    Before we start with the steps you should know how to be a successful email marketer
    Don't keep sending emails that have affiliate links to people because you are Spamming them like that
    So you have to build a trust between you and the customers
    How you do that?
    Give them useful information about your niche
    Send the emaila that have affiliate links only 2 time or 3 time/ week

    Now How do you build your email list?

    Choose the niche you want to work with

    Use something called a lead magnet
    which is,you give a free gift to people in exchange for their emails

    For example, if you are talking about losing weight, you can make your gift a book with tips

    You can advertise the gift in many ways, such as Facebook ads, native ads

    After building your email list, the second step is to send emails

    These emails of course contain your affiliate links, and then these people will see them and buy from it and you make money.
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    Nice idea, I also thought about doing this. But I haven't thought through all the details, I think I'll start!
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