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Discussion in 'Making Money Online' started by Novaa, Dec 18, 2018.

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    In the past 3 months, I have studied one topic, how to make money online. Also, I have searched it on Google and get different answers, such as start blogs&websites, online marketing trading, review websites&apps, take surveys or other ways. After I have tried each of them, I really advise the ones who want to make easy money to take surveys.

    Here I’d like to share some great websites or apps for taking surveys.

    1. Quick Survey

    This app is only available in US app store for US users. I know this app from one of my friend, she told me she can earn up to $50 per day. At first, I do not believe it after I have tried, I know it is real. Actually the app is named quick survey, it is not about survey.

    In my opinion, the kind of search keywords, find correct apps, install and play the apps tasks are so easy for me. I can even do 5-10 tasks in 30 minutes and get about $10-20. However my friends and I also find one issue, the tasks are not enough, I guess maybe there are many users who do tasks like me, so I can not get enough tasks. Also, I find a great part to do more tasks, this app has a Fyber task, I always can get many credits here. In general, it is a good place for you to make easy money.

    2. SwagBucks

    SwagBucks is another website I like. First, the website is so well known for online surveys. That’s to say I can get many surveys to take and get more money. For the payments, it will be cash, prizes or vouchers. Tasks can include watching videos, doing some online shopping and much more.

    Another point I recommend this website is that they are very transparent when it comes to how they distribute and use your data. It’s all part of their commitment to keeping everything on the table and being honest. However some survey companies are dishonest and will sell your information to the highest bidder. So it becomes more important to choose survey companies. Since I have told many advantages about this website, there is one big issue, I can not get money in time. Unlike quick survey pays me each day, the website pays me over one week. So if you care the money deliver time, maybe you can choose other surveys.

    3. American Consumer Opinion

    American Consumer Opinion is good to take surveys too. Because I think it is trusted and I can spend less than 10 minutes to complete each survey. Sometimes, it has product testing tasks, it is easy to complete and get the rewards. Also, it is a great way for you to try many cool new products.

    For this website, there are not so many tasks and you need to get 1000 points to cash out $10. Sometimes it is hard to get 1000 points, however sometimes it is easy to get it. It depends on the volume of tasks. No matter what others say, I like this website, it is trusted and not scam.

    Today I will only show you a part of surveys I recommend. For choosing websites or apps, please do check the reviews part to analyse if it is scam or trustful. Do not sell your personal data due to small money. Do not use all of your time to surveys or look forward to being rich by it. It is just the money that can help you purchase little things or have big meal.
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    Have you been paid by them; the listed above? If you can show us the payment proof. It would be really nice to join the sites mentioned.

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