How to make a good sig? Made by me.

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    In no particular order

    1. Have a Focal Point

    Maybe dodge your point that you want to add as your main sight. Add some lighting effects such as Omni's or Spotlights. Make sure you add them in the right place. You can also sharpen your render to have your yes more focused on it.

    2. Add Depth

    Add a blur to every level (getting stronger each time)if it will look good. If it doesn't, just leave it as is. Lighting sometimes does the job too.

    3. Have nice flow

    Make sure your sig's flow is all going in one direction. if it's all different ways, it will look all messy and will be terrible.

    4. Effects

    Effects are important to add that pow in to your sig. Try to blend C4D's, fractals, filters, etc. with your render and sig. You're sig will look a whole lot better. Much more professional.

    5. Action

    You have to have some action in your sig. People will like your sig if it does have it. It can come from a well flowed render that is actually doing something rather then just standing around, but that's optional, if you can do something amazing with a non - moving render.

    6. Sharpness

    I would say that Sharpness is the finishing touch. After you finish everything, make a new layer and apply the whole image on it (Image > Apply Image on Photoshop, New from visible on GIMP)and sharpen it.

    7. Image Editing (Brightness, Lightness, Saturation, Hue, etc.)

    If you're sig is already not bright enough to reveal it, it's a good idea to add it. But don't add too much or else it will hurt people's eyes. If you're sig isn't doing very good with colours, it might be a good choice to desaturate the image. If you think you can fix it, I think it might be a good choice to use gradient maps or colour balance.


    Lighting is something that's very important. It can a make a huge difference. Adding lighting is very simple, just figure out where the light from render is coming from and add a gradient going that way or brush in some white and blur it. NEVER FORGET LIGHTING!

    Copyright (c) Shahrier Huq of 2010

    If you are going to use this, please be sure to include the copyright.

    Thanks are very much appreciated.
    Comments and suggestions very much appreciated.
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