How to keep star performers

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    Dernavich offers quick takeaway tips for managers looking to keep star performers engaged:

    1. Share the company’s long and short term vision, giving employees a roadmap to recovery.
    2. Be truthful with employees about how the economy is affecting the company.
    3. Seek employees’ input and opinions and give them ownership of their work. Be available, but do not micro-manage.
    4. Make sure employees have all of the information, equipment, and resources to get their work done.
    5. Praise employees frequently and sincerely. If you need to deliver negative feedback, keep it about the facts and discuss how to do things differently in the future.
    6. Don’t assume you know the career paths your employees desire. Work with them to create a plan that will encourage their development as it fits into company goals.
    7. Create rewards that mean something to employees. Talk to them to find out what they really value: Would they prefer an extra day off? a gift certificate? the opportunity to take a class?
    8. Encourage team interaction; the more positive relationships employees have at work, the less likely they are to leave.
    9. Provide opportunities to learn and grow.
    10. Provide ongoing feedback and be sure to follow through on promises.

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