How to integrate your Facebook and Google+ streams

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    Install the SGPlus extension for Chrome. (For now, anyway, it doesn't work in other browsers).

    Read through the tutorial. It will pop up every time you reload G+ until you have completed it, so you're better off just clicking through the first time.)

    Click the SG+ icon at the top right of your browser and select the Facebook or Twitter tab. Your only option will be "Sign In." Click it, and validation should proceed automatically. Once you're signed in with either or both, you can set up features from the same tabs, though the defaults should work fine for most people.

    SG+ detects when you load a Google+ page and should stream your FB and Twitter feeds on your G+ page. Note that it might take quite a while after your first installation. Your posts on G+ should also start to show up in FB and Twitter if you've enabled that feature, though again it may take a while at first.

    SGPlus is very much a work in progress. It may take a few tries to log in to FB or Twitter, and there are occasional glitches with feeds, but for now, it can still make your social networking life much easier.


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