How To Help Others Find What They Need

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    Did you know you can search the forum to find the help you need before posting a thread? When you have a question, did you know you can help others who may have the same question, now or in the future? There are two ways you can search the forum, and two ways you can help others find what they need. The first is with the Title of your posts. Creating a Title that is related to the content is one way. The other way is one not many people use, either because they don't know it's there, or because they don't know how to use it.
    In the Search bar at the top of the page on the forum, when you enter a keyword to search, the first thing you see is an option to "Search titles only". If the title of a member's post is something like "I need help", or "What Is Your Idea", and the post is related to the search, it won't come up! Even so, there is another way to help, even if you messed up on your Title. When someone creates a thread, under the box where the content is composed, there is a bar with the word "Tags". in the bar, they can enter one or more terms related to the post. How does this help members find it? When you enter a search term in the search bar, at the bottom of the box that pops up is a button that says "More". Clicking on that button brings you to a page that gives a variety of search options. The last option is "Search Tags". You can then enter your search term again, and choose other options, including which forums to search.
    Here at BAF, you can not only get the help you need, you can help others, too!

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