how to get iso 9001 certification

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    Most people seem to be primarily interested in how to get ISO 9001 certification - the quicker the better. Before we explain how small and mid-size companies can achieve ISO 9001 certification easily and inexpensively, we would like to point out that the ISO 9001 implementation and certification process itself will provide numerous valuable benefits.
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    What is the numerous valuable benefits to implement ISo9001?
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    Process: how to get ISO 9001:2008 certification

    (1) Make the decision to get ISO.This needs commitment from top management the person or people in charge.Don't overlook or skip the importance of this step the commitment must be there. It needs to be backed up with management action as well as words.

    (2) Appoint someone as project manager. 'Getting ISO' is a project, so someone must have the responsibility and the authority to manage it internally. Allocate resources to the project: you'll need to decide whether to use a consultant, or do it yourself.

    (3)Do a gap analysis. This is how you figure out your baseline and where you are now, versus where you need to be.
    You'll almost certainly have parts of a quality system in place already, but all requirements of the Standard have to be met. And not just partially. Use the results of your gap analysis to identify the gaps, then the tasks to fill them. Plan what to do, who will do it and when.

    (4)Work through the plan to fill all the gaps and bring your system up to the required standard.
    (5)Improve and develop your system: fill the gaps from the Gap Analysis, revising, adding or improving where you need to. Includes identifying your processes, making all the improvements necessary to meet the requirements of the Standard, and documenting your system. You'll use the PDSA continuous improvement cycle to do it.
    This stage takes the most time & effort. Get people involved throughout, so that people help build it, and so they they understand and use the system and have opportunities to participate and contribute. A system developed by one person and imposed on others is rarely a good one.

    (6)Review your system. Audit it (internally). You will find some problems -- if you don't, you aren't reviewing or auditing properly. Resolve the issues you find, using your formal correction procedure/s (one of the requirements) to do it.

    Choose a certifier, and schedule the external audit.

    Have the external audit.
    Your certifier (external auditor) audits your quality system against all of the specific requirements of ISO 9001.

    Get the certificate and celebrate!
    Assuming you are successful, of course, you can now get that coveted certificate from your certifier. visit for more detail
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