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    Here are the remaining tips to finding a profitable niche.

    3. Amazon : Everyone knows about Amazon. As you know that it was known for books but now you can find other products too.

    If you go to the Books Department in the site you will see books on different subjects. Go to Best Seller option. Excluding the fictional books the books that you see tells you of the market that people are spending their money. Just go through it and get familiar with the market in this site.

    You can also browse through the magazine section.

    Find out what books are in demand in the Kindle Books Section too.

    Also do a "How To?" search in this site just as we did in the previous method.

    4. Ebay: I am sure you know more about Ebay than I do. Ebay is a search engine for products (buyers) whereas Google is a search engine for information. Anyone who goes into Ebay he/ she is up to buying a product.

    Go to "Ebay Pulse" look at what is being searched for in the "Popular Searches" and "Largest Store' Section.

    You can also do the same stuff at Clickbank. Here you will find digital product and not physical ones like in ebay.

    Go to Market Place in this site and see what is in demand, which is termed as 'gravity' in this site.

    Hope that these informations are of some help to you.

    To Your Success.


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