How To Drive Traffic Using Facebbok

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    How To Drive Traffic Using Facebook

    How Businesses Are Using (Or Not Using) Facebook

    We analyzed four businesses Facebook pages to find out what makes a fan page popular. Our test subjects were small business owners from a variety of occupations who each employ a different Facebook strategy. All of the fan sites have been operating for over two years, and all of the administrators also participate in some form of blogging. Here’s what we found.

    Quick Sprout – 46,182 likes: This page is full of clever quotes, questions, and videos that engage the audience and encourage participation. The administrator, Neil Patel, is excellent at being accessible despite the fact he currently runs three businesses and consults for the likes of the Wall Street Journal and AOL. Despite the large number of likes, the page remains personable by reaching out to each fan as if they were the most important.

    Mind Movies – 30,588 likes: The moderators at Mind Movies implement a nice mix of entertainment and self-promotion on their Facebook page. This montage includes video clips, user-uploaded content, and questions for fans. They also actively engage customers through contests, promotions, and questions directed towards viewers. The administrators are also accessible to the public and often reply to comments.

    Add Space To Your Life – 2 Likes: Nothing against AddSpaceToYourLife’s marketing strategy, they have a huge cliental, but they are not utilizing Facebook effectively. There is no direct link to their Facebook page from their website, and we even had a hard time figuring out how to “like” them.

    The Organizing Zone – 56 likes: The only posts on The Organizing Zone’s page are from the administrator. Every post looks the same and has to do with the companies operatioins. There’s really no effort to engage customers and viewers or keep people on the page. Since this businesses’ principle focus is not content creation, this detracts from the appeal even more, as the posts are not even all that interesting.

    What works on Facebook:

    - Engaging customers: This is the number 1 difference between a highly liked facebook page and a lame one is how well visitors interact. People want to socialize when they’re on facebook, not read some dreary articles.

    - Mixing Media Types: Don’t limit your page to just articles, or just videos, or just quotes. Keep your fans interested and on their toes by switching things up constantly.

    - Contests and Free Stuff: Letting your fans post videos on your page or come up with the best quote will keep them coming back for more. Also, if you have a free product to give away, by all means do so

    - Being Accessible: Fans want to feel included and a part of the community. If the administrator of the page never participates in discussions, this will alienate fans and have them looking for a more interesting site.

    What Doesn’t Work on Facebook:

    - Hard to use pages: No one wants to spend time figuring out how to navigate your page. If your site is to difficult to decode, your potential fans will move on.

    Monotone Posts: If every post looks the same, sounds the same, or uses a cliché tagline, you will quickly lose customers. Remember, Facebook is primarily a social site – entertain the people
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    Engaging with your fans and building unique relationships is all it takes to launch an effective Facebook marketing campaign. If you spend enough time doing this, the popularity of your Facebook page will spread effectively by word of mouth.

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