how to delete cache in an ASP website from an ASP.NET website on same server?

Discussion in 'Web Hosting' started by Boby Smith, Jun 5, 2013.

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    I have two separate websites on the same server. One site is a forum (written in ASP Classic) where users may post information in various sections and threads etc. The other website (written in ASP.NET VB) is used for a club where users may purchase and download videos, etc. The Forum site uses caching to retain member information on each registered user. The club website has do do updates to a few of the user data fields stored on the Forum database. The problem is that I need to delete the cached information saved to cache for a specific user whenever I update the users information from the club website. Updates done on the Forum work just fine because it does delete the cache.

    I have tried to access the cache from the ASP.NET club website using: Application.Contents("_mbUI-2") Which is the proper key but I get "Nothing". Since I can't access it, I can't delete it either. I guess the "Application" is separate due to the separate websites.

    If I could call a page on the ASP site using xmlhttp, I could write a program to delete the cache. But, I need to call it from the code-behind, not by an event such as pressing a button and using javascript to make the http call.

    If there were a way to access the cache from both websites, that would be ideal.

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