How to choose your web hosting plan?

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    As I mentioned in my previous post, I will write some articles for beginners about how to start an online business from scratch. Today I am going to discuss the first important step and it’s about choosing a hosting plan. I’ve written a short article before about how to create your business website and mentioned some important tips. I recommend reading that post first before continue reading here.

    Servers are physical computers dedicated to run services to host websites and make them available on the internet. You don’t have to learn all information about servers unless you are interested! You could have a quick look at this topic about servers on Wikipedia.

    There are thousands of hosting providers but you must choose a reliable one to be on the safe side. Already choose a good provider? Then what are the differences between hosting plans and which one will suit your website?

    Shared hosting

    Your website will be hosted on a server which contain many other websites and you will share the server resources with them. Hosting providers work hard to keep their servers up and well-monitored all the time and that is especially happen in the huge hosting companies.

    Shared hosting is usually quite cheap and it will be suitable for new and small websites.

    Semi dedicated hosting

    I’ve just said that on shared hosting you will share the server resources with many other websites. So if you add a lot of contents on your website with many photos and videos as well as having many visitors all the time that is mean your website will use the most server resources and effects other websites on the server. Let’s make it easy, try to open many software on your computer for example, Microsoft Word, Adobe Photoshop, Real player, and more. Well, Have you opened 18 programs or more? That is mean your computer won’t be able to work well because it’s already over loaded! Your computer processor and ram are limited and can’t handle all of these at the same time and simply the idea is the same with servers.

    So what is the solution for that? Some hosting companies are offering plans called semi dedicated hosting. On this plans less websites are hosted on the server which means every website will have more resources to use. What’s more, there are great plans with some companies which offered 3 or 4 times more CPU.

    VPS hosting

    VPS stands for Virtual Private Server. VPS runs in software on the same physical computer with other customers but every VPS has it’s own resources (CPU and ram). So if the semi dedicated hosting doesn’t match your website needs you might be required to have a VPS. There are different plans for VPS as the other hosting types and every plan has different features so you should choose what appropriate to you and your website.

    Dedicated hosting

    On this type of hosting you will have your own server not shared with anyone else. You won’t need this service for a small website or at the beginning of your website life. If you take care of your website and work hard on it, you might need this service to meet the needs of your visitors. To have a dedicated server you should have a website which make a good amount of money because this is usually the most expensive service!

    I will continue writing on this topic for the next article. Some important points need to be mentioned such as: manged servers VS unmanned servers, server operating system, control panels, domain names and DNS and some more points.

    I recommend these two hosting providers. They are great and well-known companies and I’m hosting this website on a vps with the first one while hosting my other websites on a shared hosting with the other one.




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