How to change yahoo password

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    I forget my yahoo password as well as alternative emails too so how can I recover my yahoo account?

    I reset my password but I cannot open my alternative account due to blocked, so please anyone can help me to change my yahoo password?

    OK, if you remember your yahoo password, then to change yahoo password is very easy. Here we do not discuss about it. But we would be more excitedly to talk about changing yahoo passwords when we lose them and their answers for secret questions.

    The reason that we always cannot remember our yahoo passwords is we save them on Firefox, then every time we log into yahoo mails from Firefox, we needn’t fill the login box. It is a development of Firefox, but also a recession of our memory for passwords. Next I intend to uncover the secret of changing yahoo password from Firefox but in a condition that Firefox has cleared your yahoo password information. Sounds amazing hah? Then let’s see it!
    How to change Yahoo Password

    Now the yahoo password changer I am ready to introduce to you is Firefox Password Recovery 5.0. It is a very powerful utility to change your yahoo password and multilingual yahoo password recovery and change are efficiently supported by it. Next are the step-by-step tutorial guides to change yahoo password by Firefox Password Recovery 5.0.

    Step1. Free download Firefox Password Recovery 5.0 in its website, and then install it instantly.

    Step2. Press “Start Recovery”. Less than seconds, the window will list a lot of websites and accounts as well as passwords.

    Step3. Click “Remove From File”. (Optional) This step comes when your Firefox web browser is crashed. At this time, you can change your yahoo password by implementing “Remove From File”, because your password information is not lost permanently though the Firefox cannot remember it anymore. Usually, that information can be recovered or found from the Firefox profile directory. (PS. A typical path is :C:Documents and Settings<username>Application DataMozillaFirefox.

    Step3. Click “OK” button, then your yahoo password together with its website URL and Username will be displayed.

    Until now you have already successfully changed your forgot yahoo password. One more suggestion, after you see you yahoo password displayed in front of you.

    When you are inside Yahoo Mail, click on the Options menu, and choose Mail Options.

    This will load the General email options for your account; look at the sidebar on the left, and click on the link labeled “Accounts”.

    Currently, and now for a few months, Yahoo Mail displays the same temporary message; ignore it, and click on the link below, “Add or edit an account”.

    A new window will open to Yahoo Mail Classic: click on the Account Information link listed at the very bottom of the sidebar on the left of the screen. (These intermediate steps are due to the coexistence of two webmail services; unlike Hotmail, Yahoo Mail still offers both the new Yahoo Mail, and Yahoo Mail Classic.)

    The page that now opens should look familiar: it is the same Account Info page you access from the main Yahoo site. (And everything you need from this point on to change your Yahoo Mail password is explained above). But, to summarize:

    Click on the Change your password link, enter your current password, enter and confirm your new Yahoo Mail password, and click Save. Your Yahoo Mail password has now been changed, and you can also use this new password for other Yahoo websites.

    One more suggestion, the new password should be easy for you to remember but not being too simple, at least 8 letters with numbers are highly recommended.
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    One question. Why do we need to download an external software just to change the Yahoo password?
    Would it be much safer if we just use the "Forgot password" link on the log-in page? I have done this many times before and it doesn't failed me.
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    I was only using "Forgot Password" and it really helps, if you have just remember your security information.

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