How to Change PDF to Word?

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    Do you have similar experience as below?
    “Recently I have some PDF files needed to change to Word for use in my Office 2003. I firstly tried to copy and paste but the contents are messed up using Adobe Reader. I could not upload it to or other online websites because they are my company’s confidential files and the original documents are ruined. Is there any little desktop software that I can refer to? So any idea about how to change PDF to Word easily would be appreciated.” Mary complained.

    From the last paragraph, we can easily conclude that PDF format is hard to be edited, and modified, this is because PDF files are an accurate representation of a document. They are meant for output or on-screen viewing. And they are not intended to be intermediate files that can still be edited.
    Therefore, PDF files are not like Word documents, which can be edited directly. So if you want to edit the PDF contents, then you have to use a certain converter to change from PDF to Word first. After that, you then can edit the original non-editable PDF contents in Word.

    Change PDF to Word—Free VS Charged PDF to Word converters
    Freeware: It is easily to find that many companies have seized the PDF changing market. Among them, some are free while some are charged. It’s not hard to find what the main differences between those free and charged PDF to Word converters are from what Mary said. Usually the free PDF to Word converter like Zamzar needs users to upload their PDF files to a certain webpage, and then the converted files will be sent via Email. If there is some sensitive information in the PDF files, it’s not wise to use such a freeware.

    Commercial: Then how about the charged PDF to Word converters you may ask? For sure they are more professional that the free ones, because they are designed and developed for easy and quick conversion from PDF to Word. Among the charged PDF tools, I would suggest you PDF to Word 5.0. If you have no clues about it, never mind, you will get to know how to change PDF to Word with it through the following paragraphs.

    Here’s how PDF to Word 5.0 works on changing PDF to Word.
    Step1: Launch PDF to Word 5.0.
    Step2: Click “Add File(s)” button to upload target PDF files.
    Step3: Click “Convert” button to start changing from PDF to Word.

    Three steps only, which lead successful PDF to Word conversion within seconds. What’s more, this PDF to Word 5.0 is now the newest edition and it also has added a new function, that users cannot only change PDF to Word but also to RTF format.
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    There are plenty different services online to convert files from one type to another. But yes, it's possible to do in Word as well;)

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