How to Build an SEO Optimized Website

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    Write valid code. Whether you are writing to HTML 4.01 Transitional, XHTML 1.0 Strict or another standard, make sure that it fits that standard by testing your site on the W3C Validator. See the Resources section for a link. All you need to do is visit the site and input your website's URL, and it will provide a list of errors on your site.

    Include the <title> tag on every one of your pages. The title--and your entire site--should always use the active voice, which means putting the subject front and center. ("Will Smith Interview," for example, is better than "Interview with Will Smith.")

    Include a meta "description" tag (<meta name="description" content="A short blurb about your site") on your homepage. Most meta tags (especially "keywords") are actually not that helpful because of their over-abundance, but the meta description tag is usually what appears as the description of your site in search engine results.

    Use HTML tags for their original purpose. For example, don't create headings just by making a paragraph's font bigger; actually use the <h1> or <h2> heading tags. This makes it easier for search engine spiders to understand your site's content.

    Don't use frames, try to avoid using images for headings, and when you do use images, always include an "alt" tag. Images with alternate text housed in an alt tag are indexed by Google and the rest of the search engines much faster than those without alt tags.

    Make your URLs search engine-friendly

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