How to Build a Successful Business Online – Step By Step

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    Working online has been very much desired by so many people because they want to cover their expenses and earn more money. Some people can work online as full time and make excellent income; others work as part time and also make very good income.
    Many other people have the desire to work but they tell you it’s scam and you can’t make money online, or they have tried working online but made no money, well, the thing is that most of those people have tried to work online without having the right knowledge. They just read some ads online and they told them to do this and that, which they did, but as a result, they made no money.
    Money can be made online, but you need to make yourself better and more special than all those people who have tried and failed by educating yourself about online business and its process and skills.
    As a start, you need to find a profitable niche that is needed and desired online, don’t find a product and start selling it, this is what most people do and it’s wrong. You need to find the market then your niche, find the audience that is willing to buy it, and then you can find the product.
    There are many huge markets online, some of them are: health, wealth, and lifestyle. You can find in each of those markets many profitable niches. For example:
    • Health Market. The niches in health market are:
    - Diet
    - Weight Loss
    - Vitamin Supplement
    - Quit Smoking
    - Medical Issues
    - Increase Energy

    • Wealth Market. The niches in wealth market are:
    - Working from Home
    - Internet Marketing
    - Stay at Home Moms
    - Forex
    - Business Opportunities

    • Lifestyle Market. The niches in lifestyle market are:
    - Personal Development
    - Pets
    - Self Improvement
    - Online Study Courses
    - Computers
    - Home Care

    After you have chosen your market and niche, you need to create a one page website. That’s all you need. In this page, you will need to add a valuable gift which is related to your niche. It can be a report or an e-book. Under this gift, you need to add a form where the interested person can add his name and email to receive your gift.
    To make it short for you, you will need the following in order to start your business online.
    1. Domain name.
    2. Hosting Account.
    3. Auto Responder.

    You will need to buy a name for your one page website; you can find names at As for the hosting account, you will need a company that will put the website that you have created online, you can go for
    Now that you have a name for the website that you have created and it’s online because of the hosting company. You will need an auto responder. What is an auto responder? Do you remember when we said that we need you to offer a valuable gift on your website and a form under it, in this form the person will add his name and email to receive his gift? Well, this is the time for auto responder to work. The moment anyone ads his name and email, the auto responder take this name and email and add them into a list for you in your account. After that, you can create as many messages as you like and add them to this auto responder, it will automatically send those messages at the times that you specify for it. In this case, you won’t need to go each day and send all the people in your list messages which could be considered as spam. So this auto responder can do the job for you, I suggest you can go with
    After you have interested people in your niche all gathered into your list, you can start promoting products related to your niche which they are interested in. But be careful not to start promoting at the first message. This won’t work for you. You need to have some of the first messages contain very valuable information about your niche to get those people to be interested in the messages you send to them, after that, they will be automatically convinced with your products and can easily buy from you.
    Now, you have a website online with a valuable gift in it, but you need people to visit your site in order to get your gift. This is called traffic. You need traffic to your website, the more traffic you have; the more people will be in your list, and the more sales you will generate.
    There are many methods to get traffic to your site, some of those traffic methods are: SEO, forums, newsletters, email signatures, articles, list swaps, classified ads, social bookmarking, video marketing, and traffic exchanging sites.
    When you finish all of that, you will have the right construction for a successful business that you can work with and make money online.

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