How to Break Windows 7 Password for Computer Administrator

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    You now can troubleshoot the problem—computer Windows 7 password forgotten!

    One of the worst things that a computer user can run into is forgetting their computer login password. For example, when you forgot Windows 7 password, then you probably cannot log in to your account or access the files on your Win 7 machine. Thankfully, now you can regain your forgotten pc password without losing any data from your computer. In this article, I will take Windows 7 computer for instance to show you break Windows 7 password easily when you forgot it.

    Step-by-step guides on how to break lost Windows 7 password

    Over the past few decades, we’ve seen much technological advancement especially in the field of computer hardware and software. This makes it possible for us to solve some problems which seem impossible to be fixed such as fixing the locked Windows 7 due to its login password being locked. Now, let’s experience this new technology together!

    Break Windows 7 admin password with Windows Password Recovery Basic

    Yes, Windows Password Recovery Basic represents the new technology in breaking forgotten Windows password. Easy operation, brief and simple interface and quick password recovery speed make this apps available and popular to many computer users. Here’s how Windows Password Recovery Basic works on Windows 7 Password bypass.

    Step1. Download and launch Windows Password Recovery Basic.
    You need first download this app to an accessible computer, and then install it quickly. After installation, click the icon on desktop to launch it.

    Step2. Burn a Windows 7 password reset disk.
    First insert a blank CD/DVD to the accessible computer and later click the “CD/DVD” option on the interface. After that, you can click “Burn” to start burning. Once the burning process finishes, take the CD/DVD out of the PC, thus a Windows 7 password reset disk has been made successfully.

    Step3. Start to break a Windows 7 administrator password with the burned disk.
    Now insert the burned disk to the target/locked Windows 7 computer. Then start the PC and set it boot from CD-ROM in BIOS. After the BIOS settings done, restart the PC. When the PC boots, you will find the windows screen is not the exact Windows 7 screen, but it is the interface of Windows Password Recovery Basic. Next, you can follow the easy wizard on the interface to crack Windows 7 password step by step, and the whole process won’t ask you more than 3 clicks of mouse.

    About 1 or 2 minutes later, you then can successfully log into that account without a password. Isn’t Windows Password Recovery Basic a powerful Windows 7 password reset tool? The more important thing is that such tool cannot only break Windows 7 admin password, but can bypass passwords for all versions of Windows operating systems.

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