How Search Engine Optimization Specialists Can Rescue Your Website?

Discussion in 'Search Engine Optimization' started by joinseo, Jan 29, 2012.

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    Many individuals and firms have found that their web pages no longer rank highly in search engines. As a result, they have become desperate. The secret is frequent consultations with a search engine optimization specialist who offer comprehensive and related services. This way you don't have to twiddle your thumbs or needlessly spend money. In such cases, technical problems are solved and are rarely experienced again. However, the specialist has to maintain consistency and be focused. The techniques offered are easy to follow. By following the appropriate techniques to the letter, you will see a progressive improvement.

    Search engine optimization specialists identify various problems in websites. They don't shy away from them as it is their job to fix them. They often advise on how to use keywords, which are the backbone of content. The keywords should be included within every twenty five words of a text. This helps the searcher find the correct website that he or she intends to view. In such cases the searcher will get the required information with immediate effect instead of being directed to your homepage. The keywords should also be straight to the point. Irrelevance is highly discouraged in order for the content to retain its meaning.

    Poor quality adverts are also highly discouraged. The adverts should be creative enough to capture the interest of anyone who is viewing it. Sites with poor headlines have to change them. The keyword terms are not to be used regularly in one advert. Instead, the keywords should be divided into smaller relevant connected groups. You can expect to incur long lasting failure if you fail to do that. Whenever suitable measures are put into place, the website will enjoy the improvements when it receives dramatic results.

    Your PPC plan will focus squarely on the types of keywords used and which ones are expected to attract a lot of attention. The keywords should not be cheap. This will lead to the improvement of the conversion rate of your cost to your income. Such strategies will lead the traffic to relevant landing pages for optimization. Use of video media will help boost the site a great deal. Cheap words can only be used when targeting local customers.

    The various sites where you get links are very important. You are encouraged not to use one website regularly. Google is significant in such cases since it gives value to the links. The best way to get links should be based on your linking competition. Keywords used should not be used incorrectly during the process. Ensure that irrelevant keywords are not used. Reviewing the statistics and reports are necessary in this particular case. Although it is time consuming, you will definitely benefit from this. The necessity of the search engine optimization specialists in today's web world is tremendous. Whenever the appropriate measures are implemented, remarkable results can be expected.
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    SEO is key but here is my problem....

    I have hired SEO "experts" 6 times over the past 14-18 months for various sites. I gave each expert a 3 month test period as I know SEO does take time. Each failed to deliver and one actually made my 2nd page rank go to page 5.

    You just do not know who to trust. Christ sakes...I have over 10 websites I need SEO for and would pay whatever it took to get to #1-3 on Google. I tell each "expert" you do a good job on this one tes, one keyword I will give you all 10 sites and each site will tarket 10 keywords.

    And what do they do???? Epic Fail. do the same ole backlinking crap, same old crappy forum post and so on.....

    That is why I just work 16 hours a day and do it myself. What gets me is they all talk about link QUALITY OVER QUANTITY which is true but then i get my report and they have 1000 links on shoe forums for my health care site. frustrating!
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    First, let's get that last person out of the way. There is no question an SEO expert should not cause your website's ranking to go down. As far as the others are concerned, they should not raise your expectations to unreasonable levels, but you should also not expect more than they can reasonably deliver. What kind of results were you expecting, and what results did you get?
    Although you should see substantial movement, you should not expect 10 phrases to reach page one of Google in three months. Three to six months is more realistic, and if they are very competitive, it could take eight. Having done the work yourself, you know how difficult it can be. Keep your expectations reasonable, and a reputable SEO firm will do their best to meet them.

    I was reminded of an old saying in a post of yours in another thread, and I am reminded of another one here - be careful what you ask for, you may get it. Having hired 6 firms in 18 months, you have had enough of the "fakers, phonies, and frauds", as we call them. After reading the quote above, some more may crawl out of the woodwork. Fortunately, there are reputable SEO marketers here who can steer you in the right direction.
    Getting back to the quote above, are you really willing, and able, to pay whatever it takes? SEO is a field where you get what you pay for. The results you get are directly proportional to the amount of money you invest. Keeping in mind that we are talking only about reputable SEO providers, you can probably get a good SEO provider for $500 - $1000 per month. Individuals or small firms, however, will not give you the results as quick as you want them, even though they may be able to get you to the top three pages for your keywords. If you are talking about an SEO firm with a staff of professionals, each with their own area of expertise, 10 keywords for 10 websites can cost almost $30k/month, and can easily reach over $300k/year. Even cutting the number of keywords in half can cost almost $20k/month, over $200k/year.
    There are reputable SEO providers out there. In fact, some of them are in here - they are BAF members. Keep your expectations reasonable, based on your desired keywords, your budget, and the size of the provider, and you will find them - or they may find you.
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