How much more profitable could you be?

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    The answer, in 90% of cases is as simple as the question itself, the fact is that by paying as much attention to your expenditure as you do to your income, your bottom line can be vastly improved. You can:
    Improve your cash flow.
    Reduce the need to seek finance.
    Gain a competitive edge with sustainable margins.
    Forge strong relationships with suppliers based on mutual respect.
    Improve organisation-wide motivation and confidence in leadership.

    The problems faced by the small to medium sized business in the UK today are twofold:
    What measures do I need to focus on to increase my company's profit?
    How do I find the time, or manpower to realise these benefits?

    The bigger issue of actually running your company often gets in the way of finding any solution to these two problems, and those minor areas that could reap significant profitability benefits are often not focused on.

    The first step is often accurate reporting on the current business position through the provision of management information, and management accounting systems.

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