How i made a great deal - sold 40 tons of watermelons.

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    Good day future or present businessmen.

    I tell you that story, as i have impressed by job of one B2B company, which help me in hopeless situation. Read and draw conclusions. :)

    It is common knowledge that selling goods is much more complicated than it's production. I faced with that problem, when I tried to sell 40 tons of watermelons from field in Bukhara, Uzbekistan. Firstly there was a problem with authority and customs, but when i had solved it turned out that buyer refuse to arrange a deal. How you can understand, i left alone with 40 tons perishable watermelons. Situation is not from better cases. And my good friend from this Business forum (he asked me to hush up his name) advice to use services of B2B company. If say frankly i've never trusted to this companies, as they seemed to "trade with air". But when he said to me that company works free, only on commission fee, i agreed instantly, as i was losing nothing. But i didn't believe in success as season was going to end. After 12 days they called to me and asked me where it will be suitable for me to send goods to. They found four potential buyers in 12 (!) days. They were from Pakistan, Russia, Mongolia and Kazakhstan. I conclude a bargain with Russian buyer, because the conditions of deliver were the best for me.

    Of course this story sounds like a promotion of that company and that is true. But i advertise it on my own initiative, as satisfied customer. If you have problems with selling or buying of goods, i recommend you services of B2B company. It's name Million-deals. You can find out more on their website

    I wish you great success in your business.

    Regards, Arthur Idiatulin.

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