How Facing Panda and Penguin

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    How Facing Panda and Penguin
    How to fix that old situs2 affected by Panda and Penguin

    1. Bring traffic from various places

    Youtube, document sharing sites, press releases, blog comments, guest posts, article syndication, classified ads, paid advertising, etc.

    2. Usahkan to improve bounce rate on our site

    Add pictures, video, one long article rather long and interesting to read, add a tool which can attract visitors, add the related articles / recommended reading. Anyway let any kind of bounce rate can go down and make our visitors feel at home berlama2 our site.

    3. Add anchor text backlinks dg different like the example above. Do not just use the main keyword, but also its LSI keyword2'll look as natural as possible.

    4. Increase social signal our site

    Indicate if our website is not a spam site and liked by visitors. Add buttons Like, ReTweet, Plus one, Digg, Reddit, Stumbleupon, Pinterest and so I'll be voting to users of our site. We jg can vote for yourself, but as well as backlinks, do it slowly and as natural as possible.

    5. Strengthen internal linking

    In addition to strengthening the SEO, internal linking also reduce bounce rate. For example wikipedia. With internal linking, visitors will be easier to see the related article, and they will read other related articles.

    For a new site

    1. Do not use long tail keywords as a domain name

    Looks very much like a spam site, and easy because all backlinks overoptimized will definitely contain the same long tail keywords.

    2. Bring backlink from that variety, especially a place that people get together, let's look our site popular. Examples of youtube, facebook and twitter.

    3. Use anchor text as diverse as the example above were

    4. Build backlinks at a gradual pace. From various sources I found, almost all SEO backlink expert considers speed is far more important than the quality or quantity of backlinks.
    Google like backlinks that look natural, not the result of automated software.

    Examples of what I can: - Week I, 3-5 backlinks per day - Sunday II, 5-7 backlinks per day - Sunday III, 7-13 backlinks per day etc.


    The so-called SEO that now it is high quality content, traffic and backlinks from a variety of sources with varying anchor text backlinks and speed that looks natural.

    Please suggestions and comments to improve.
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    There is nothing serious. just follow the below tips to beat panda and penguin.

    be ethical
    build quality crap links
    Develop contextual links
    quality article posting
    avoid duplicate content

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