How do you use this AIDA formula to improve your marketing results?

Discussion in 'Internet Marketing' started by TaxFreeMoney, Dec 18, 2011.

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    All your marketing should follow this proven AIDA formula, it's been tested for decades in direct marketing and it works!

    Here are the elements of AIDA:
    A-Attention: This is the opening headline statement in your marketing that should answer the What? question. It should contain (2) keys elements - Avoid Pain and Desire Pleasure as these are the only (2) emotional factors that motivate people to take action and read your marketing message.

    For example: "How to Avoid Over-Paying your taxes and Save Money with these 300+ tax deductions for your business."

    Note: Using words like "this" or "these" pull the reader into your marketing message because they create curiosity.

    I-Interest: This is the body of your marketing message that answers the How? questions. It should contain (3) Benefits - Advantages - Features of what you have to offer. You should focus on the Benefits first and leave the features last because benefits sell.

    In the above example: Benefit = Avoid Over-paying your taxes, Advantage = Save money, and Feature = 300+ tax deductions.

    Note: Limit your benefits to no more than (3), otherwise its too many.

    D-Desire: This addresses FAQs and objection handling by answering the Why? question. Based on your experience, you may know some reasons why customers may not buy, and here is where you can address those concerns. You can also include testimonials - one of the most powerful marketing tools you can use because they come from real customers and help address any anxiety new customers may have.

    Example: "I saved over $1,000 on taxes using my garage as a business expense and helped coordinate the deduction with my accountant, a win-win for both of us." - This gives new customers a real life use of these 300+ tax deductions and addresses the concern about "why didn't my accountant tell me...".

    A-Action: This tells the reader what you want them to do by addressing the Where? question. Tell them to "call today", "send an email" or "go online now to our website: ". Use timely elements to strengthen the action like "Now" and "Today".

    This is also a great place to add a "Bonus" to enhance the motivation to take action - Ex: "Buy one and get 2 Free if you call today!"

    Be observant and look at advertisements in magazines and newspapers and you will see wide spread use of this AIDA formula in action.
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    This is really a quality post. In present condition of tough competition marketing is not so easy and attract customers is like hard nut to crack.
    The tips you presented are very nice and simple to understand. Thanks for the share mate.

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