How do I 'own' a commercial lease/contract and rent it out?

Discussion in 'Growing and Managing a Business' started by mefy, May 7, 2013.

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    Well, I will try to explain this as simply as I can! Thanks for all the help that any and all of you can offer!!


    I used to work for 'Company A', and this company has several retail shops in my county. There is one particular spot in a shopping mall that Company A has their sights on, and indeed it is a good location for Company A. There's a slight problem however, they apparently can't get a hold of the person who owns the property at the mall, apparently its a japanese man who lost family members during the Tsunami a few years back, and i'm assuming that he's still in Japan. He is also a multi-millionare and to no surprise, probably doesn't give a crap about renting out one extra space in the mall.

    Company A is willing to pay $10,000 a month for this location, and this is where I need help:

    I have a good friend who is fluent in Japanese, both speaking and writing, and if I was able to get a hold of this guy in Japan, could probably persuade into letting me 'take care of business' and take a cut of the rent that Company A will pay each month. Essentially, I want to be a middle man and want to know the steps involved and any legal/license issues that may exist against my knowledge.

    Would it be easy as, say, getting a hold of the man, negotiating a lease/contract, which would thus make me 'sole proprietor' of the lease, which would then allow me to 'rent' the space out to Company A for whatever amount me and Company A negotiates in a separate contract/agreement?

    Yeah, I may have used some fancy terms, but I have never done this before obviously, so please please help me!!

    I am of course assuming that this is possible/legal in the first place, and assuming I don't need a real estate license in order to make this scenario play out. Theoretically, is it as simple as that? Now of course, there would be much more to it i'm sure(such as getting contracts binded/notarized by a lawyer and such)

    but in a nutshell:

    Somehow convince japanese man to sign a contract with me, outlining that i'm the 'sole proprietor'(or whatever it may be called, lol) and that i'm in charge of all profits and losses, and will pay japanese man X amount of dollars every month for this lease, and somewhere in the clause will state that I may rent/sublease(?) it out to whoever I may choose to do business with(and not limited to) Company A.

    I also have my own business and such, BREG is active and in my name, which I am guessing the 'lease' will be tied into.

    If you need any additional info let me know, and again I appreciate any help that can be lent :)
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    You need to hire a professional real estate lawyer, he could be suggest you all the legal points to complete that deal.

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