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    UCclouds' Desktop as a Service (DaaS) is designed for individuals and business. As the hosted solution for SMB, UCclouds's DaaS replaces traditional PCs with hosted virtual desktops, enhancing information security and flexibility while reducing IT costs.

    With UCclouds' Desktop as a Service (DaaS) you can do everything you do on a normal desktop computer and more! Hosted virtual desktops guarantee accessibility, security and redundancy of all of your most critical files and information. Using hosted desktops you have secure access to your business computing environment from any Internet connected device in the world! Our software is designed to allow this amazing access all without sacrificing performance.

    Deploy your virtual desktop infrastructure the way you want. With UCclouds' Desktop as a Service (DaaS) you have the flexibility to use a desktop in the cloud (powered by VMware's Horizon View) on your PC, MAC, Android, iPhone/iPad and Windows Device or deploy your virtual desktop infrastructure in your office by using our VDI Appliance (Zero Client by eVGA/Teradici PCoIP Technology). We manage hardware and software upgrades for free with all of the solutions provided by And it is all guaranteed with our industry-leading service level agreement — up to 100%!

    Experience UCclouds DaaS now with our unlimited, RISK-FREE Trial!

    Benefits of UCclouds DaaS include:
    • Low-risk implementation—Lower cost, no CapEx, and no upfront cash needed
    • Variable data center proximity—Device and location independent with global reach
    • High availability—Utility-grade availability and performance
    • Centralized Management—Lower total cost of ownership vs. traditional desktops and other VDI options
    • Elasticity, scalability, and flexibility—Start small and scale up or down quickly and effortlessly
    • Cloud simplicity—Easy to try before purchasing with the UCclouds DaaS 30-day free trial.
    Try our Compliant Hosted Desktops as a Service (DaaS) Risk-Free with our unconditional Trial! You get fully functional Windows 7 Professional desktops with Office 2013 Professional Plus. We will build your entire desktop infrastructure for you and give you 30-days to testing; No upfront money.

    Plus - you get our Disaster Recovery and Backup solution and our Full Managed 24x7 Support Team. Try us, you have nothing to lose! Start your Risk-Free, unlimited Trial today.

    Click Here to start your Risk-Free Trial today!

    Infrastructure Information:
    Our Servers
    Our clouds servers are not cheap cloud servers. Our entire Cloud network utilizes the highest quality enterprise level fully redundant infrastructure that is powered by VMware which allows your Cloud Servers to run at optimal performance with self healing failover solutions. Our servers are the state-of-the-art Cisco UCS Blade Servers with Infiniband connection throughout our infrastructure allowing for the fastest connectivity possible.

    Our Storage
    Our data storage is powered by NetApp. We quickly adapt to unexpected storage demands with real-time scalability and the flexibility to support any future SAN. Our storage technologies such as deduplication, high available datastore clustering and failover help you achieve infrastructure savings and persistent data storage in your virtual server and storage environment.

    Our Network
    Our Data Centers are built for enterprise level solutions. The network backbone consists of a multi-carrier, redundant configuration to ensure there is no single point-of-failure. UCclouds local fiber connectivity consists of multiple providers with dual entry points at each facility providing a minimum GigE connection into the facility. All of the sites have numerous Tier 1 IP providers and are inter-connected via a private mesh network. This configuration ensures that you, in any single facility on any campus, can rely on bandwidth availability.

    Payment Methods: PayPal and Credit Card (Visa, MasterCard and AMEX)

    Q: What operating systems are available?
    A: Windows 7, Windows 8.

    Q: Do you have a refund policy?

    A: Yes, we have an unconditional 15-Day money-back policy. For any reason you are not satisfied or just wish to close the account at anytime during the first 15 days, you will get a refund of all hosting fees paid, less any setup fees.

    Do you have any Questions? Please contact us!
    Visit us at:
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