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    I am new in this web. hopefully i can find the right answer to my questions. I work doing satellite with Directv, I'm installer for almost 5 year, cable company always are hiring, but they ask for experience which they are few amount people, now how the economic is, a lot people look for jobs everywhere but in the cable field they always ask for experience. now my idea is to teach and give the knowledge to those that never work in this field and want to make between 15 to 30 dollar a hour. the business i want to start is : a complete training for Directv technician. I will charge $400 a week for two months 6 hour a day, 5 days a week, at the end of the two months they will be refer to the company i work and hire for another additional training where they gonna get pay for it until they pass all exams of the certification. In less than three months they will be working in the field making over 1000 a week. (not everybody is qualify to do this job, thats why they will sign a wave policy that jobs is not guarantee 100%, depend on their ability). now my question is, How can I start this business , what i need to do for license and permit? Remember I not trying to teach theory, all they gonna learn is field work.

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