Here is a guide about how to remove excel password

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    i put a passwords to protect however i forgot which passwords i put is there a way i could remove excel password with a program or something.

    I have noticed many people met the similar issue, how to remove excel password when I forgot my excel password.

    Here is a guide about how to remove excel password with Smartkey Excel Password Recovery

    1. Download Excel Password Recovery, setup and run it.
    2. Click "Open" and select your encrypted Excel file to load it into this program.
    3. There are two recovery modes for your selecting. We suggest you choose the first one: 100% instant document decryption which is faster.
    4. Click "Next" to enter the next windows, and click "Decrypt document".
    5. After a while, you will be noticed you have successfully decrypted. Go to the folder where you locked file is, and find the newly unlocked file.

    According to these steps, I finish excel password remover, I just share my experience about how to remove excel password, oneday if you aslo have the similar problem, you can try it.

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