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    Hi dear BAF colleagues,

    I would need your help in testing one of our international sites ( to find out how users react to the layout, navigation, how easy they can find the information they are looking for, what their general experience is and so on.

    This is the old website that we are looking to improve.

    I will host the meeting (it’s only you and me having a chat about your experience with the site :)). The test will be about 20 min long and all the data will be dealt with anonymously (we won’t need your name or picture, only your screen recording).

    I’ve put together a set of Q&As, below, but, if you have any other questions, or if you would have a few minutes to spare to help me with this, please add them in here, send me a PM or add me on Skype (ID: crungureanu) and send me your enquires.

    I’m sure it would be a great experience for you, too :).



    What is a usability test?

    A usability test usually consists of a series of tasks that the participant is asked to perform. All actions, reactions and comments are recorded and analysed after. The aim of the test is to learn how users interact with our website, how and where they look for the information they are interested in, what problems they encounter and how they solve these.

    How long does it take?

    This should take about 20 minutes of your time.

    Who can participate?

    We welcome everyone that has access to a computer connected to the internet and would like to help us with this. Ideally, you would live in Europe and have a basic understanding of storage requirements / options for physical products (pallet racking, shelving, machines etc), but none of these are a must. We are testing the website.

    Is the test difficult?

    I'd like to mention that there is no right or wrong approach to the tasks. We’re NOT testing you – YOU will be testing our website.

    We created a set of 9 questions / tasks that you will need to take some action on.
    Just perform the task the way you feel is right for you. We will only tell you what to do at the very beginning of each task, but you will have full control over how to execute them.

    Do I need to prepare for the test?

    No, there is no need to prepare for the test.
    Your feedback is invaluable and will help use to improve the site, therefore, we encourage you to be vocal and to share your thoughts during the entire test.
    After the test we will ask you to give some feedback with regards to your experience using the website. This is an opportunity to let us know what you like or dislike, what you would change and what is missing.

    Technical requirements

    The usability test is online based and requires using a browser, which means that you will need a computer (no camera needed) and Internet connection. Ideally you should be in a quiet environment where you can perform all tasks without being interrupted. Please ensure your computer is set up for the test and your microphone and speakers are working.

    The meeting and recordings will be done through

    I will send you a link to the meeting-room a few minutes before we start the test.

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