Hello. I need a little help guyss!

Discussion in 'Social Media for Business' started by Mzein1292, Sep 26, 2012.

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    Sep 26, 2012
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    Hello guys :)

    I just joined this community trying to find someone to help me out with a very small issue.
    I am trying to find a marketing plan for GM volt for my presentation tomorrow, and i found a person who posted this

    Speaking of engaging with consumers, reconsider your approach to Facebook. I find it hard to believe that GM marketers cannot partner with Facebook management to create both paid and unpaid solutions that engage consumers on what is unquestionably the most effective social-media platform. I'm sure the the Facebook leadership team values and understands the category. Seems pretty simple to me, and the amount being spent is minuscule as a percent of total measured media. "

    Can someone explain to me how can Facebook actually push the gm volt market to better sales ? what does he mean exactly ?

    Thank You

    Mohamad Zein
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    Nov 18, 2007
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    First off, welcome to Business Advice Forum Mohamad.

    The first step would be to create a FaceBook page for the product / business - that would be the free part. Next consider purchasing some paid advertising on FaceBook.

    Does that answer your question?
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  3. Owen

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    Jan 30, 2012
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    On the same way with Fergal!

    Creating a page is the first step. But Engaging with people either via paid or natural will be the way to your success on Facebook.

    Answer for your question:

    Facebook Engagement will be used to spread your product/services to the people like word of mouth. If your customer likes/commented on your post content, it will goes as a feed for their friends... Which means, If I Like one post, it will go to my friends' feed that I liked your post. Then they will try to look what it is. And if one of my friend liked your posts through me, the feed will spread to his contacts and goes on.

    This simple and wonder process from facebook is called SOCIAL REACH. So now you can come to know how facebook helps to promote your products or services.

    Off Topic:

    You could ask where to start?

    Step 1: Create a professional community page / Company page
    Step 2: Invite your targeted customer. (Through FACEBOOK ADs, Email Newsletters to your existing customer or through your website etc)
    Step 3: Creating Content for your customer via post, image or video. (Can be promotional or useful resource to your customer)
    Step 4: Engage with your customer.

    What is the meaning of Engaging?
    Communicating with your targeted customers is so called engaging.

    1. Like
    2. comment
    3. Share are the most way to get engaged with your customer.

    Note: While you create a content, please listen to your customers and their interested topic then create a contents according to their love.

    OVER ALL: SOCIAL NETWORK Engagement as follows:

    Follow >> Listen >> Engage.
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