Have You Got a Website in Chinese for the Local?

Discussion in 'Website Development & Design' started by Cosoft, Nov 3, 2009.

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    Someone said, “If you are not in China, you are not in the game.” If you have not done business with China, you may want start now. But you may say, “I don’t know any Chinese”;” I am not sure my product or service suits the China market”; Or “it’s time consuming and too expensive to enter into China.” . My suggestion is building a Chinese language website now.

    China has improved tremendously over the last 20 years. Its economy has been growing on the average of 10% annually, and on track to be the world’s largest economy. With Chinese economy thriving and national income increasing, more and more of Chinese population are going abroad for investment, travel and education.

    --Foreign Direct Investment outflows reached 55.9 billion U.S dollars in 2008, up by 111% over the previous year.
    --There are 40.95 million person-trips for outbound travel.
    --In education field, the population of students studying abroad reached 144 million in 2007, among which 129 million are studying at their own expense.

    Facing this huge market, it's the good time to sell your product or service to Chinese.
    Another example, because the per square meter price of housing in the downtown of big cities such as Beijing has surpassed 15,000 RMB (2197 USD) but with only 70 years land tenure, some American real estate brokers came to China for selling house to high income families. Based on the largest number of population, you can image how big the market of FMCG, luxury goods, vehicle and other industries is. If you are considering how to do that cost-effectively, why not start building a Chinese website now?

    Why? First, with speedy development of information and technology in China, the number of Chinese netizens in China has exceeded 3.38 trillion by July, 2009. Most of them would like to search the internet for information if they want to purchase something. If they are not able to find to anything information on the product or company, they may lose their confidence level and choose other product instead. Second, a Chinese website can be used as cheap trial to understand and poll the China market and Chinese clients’ preferences. Though this window, you may gradually familiar with your target market and decide the best way to expand. Finally, comparing with setting up a company, finding sales channel or local partner, you don't need to involve many procedures and could spend less to create a Chinese website. Despite such advantages, a Chinese website is not a once for all approach, online marketing and website promotion need to be laid emphasis on. I would like to discuss about it in my next post.

    What's your opinion on this topic?
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    The development of the Chinese economy has certainly had a major impact on the international business landscape. Cosoft, do you feel that it is profitable for small businesses to have a Chinese website, or is it something that is really only applicable to large businesses.

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