Have you ever wondered “how do I promote my Facebook fan page?”

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    Have you ever wondered “how do I promote my Facebook fan page?”

    In this posting, I will share with you 4 ways to use the power of Facebook to grow your fan page.

    Before we commence, why do you need a Facebook Fan Page? The main reason you need a fan page is that Facebook has an Alexa ranking of 2. That means it is the second most popular website in the world. Pages will be indexed faster on Google and other search engines.

    Tip No 1 – Invite from your friends and your email address book

    The quickest and easiest way to kick off your fan base is to invite your Friends lists. Don’t forget to invite your friends from other social networking websites such as Linkedin etc. Don’t forget when you add friends to your personal page in the future to ensure that you also tell them about the fan page too.

    Tip No 2 – Use the search feature

    The search feature has been recently update and provides you with an overview of the conversations of your friends and their status updates. They also provide an option to search ‘posts by everyone’. This gives you the opportunity to view conversations who are not even your friends.

    Tip No 3 - Facebook Ads

    Have you seen the ads on the right hand side of the page? These are paid ads which anyone can use to market their fan page. This strategy requires a small budget, but can be very effective in finding prospects for your particular niche. We recommend that you start off spending a small budget every day and keep tweaking to improve the performance. You should be able to find new fans for about .28 -.30 cents on average.

    Tip No 4 – Facebook Fan Page Box Widget

    This is a great feature to add to your blog or website. This widget allows you to show your fan base and add others instantly. This is just one idea to promote your page across several social media websites. It is vital to cross-reference all of your social media sites so fans can find you from other networks.

    For dozens of Facebook Marketing tips, check out my youtube channel or my fanpage.

    Do you have other ideas to add to this list? Are you finding other effective ways to promote your Facebook Fan Page? I would love to read them below.
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