Handy Approaches to Recover Vista Password

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    Forgot Vista Password"Someone was using my friend's computer and purposely changed her start-up login password by administrator! How does she recover Vista password? I've even tried making her go in safe mode, I made her restart to hit F8 and go in safe mode, but she says it still asks her for her password!"

    "I logged on to my admin user on windows vista a few hours ago, and I can't remember my password! I wrote it down somewhere... I can't find it, how can I uncover it? I need to be able to find it instead of not using it... please help!"

    Such kinds of questions are often asked on Yahoo Answers and other relative forums. In fact, Recovering Windows Vista password is not as difficult as someone assume. I highly recommend one program named Vista Password Recovery which is the most efficient yet economical one I tested. It enables you to reset Windows Vista password without a sweat. What's more, it is easy enough for all levels of computer users, even novices.

    Below is the tutorial on how to easily recover Vista Password with this Windows Vista Password Recovery:

    This tutorial is split into two parts, because the whole process will be accomplished on two computers.
    Part I: Burn Vista Password Reset Disk (on a computer that can access to Windows)

    Firstly: Insert a blank CD or connect USB Flash Drive onto this computer. Download Vista Password Recovery, follow the wizard to install and run it.

    Secondly: Choose "Reset Windows local account password". Tick the target device you provide in step 1 and specify it on your computer.

    Thirdly: Start Vista password reset disk burning by clicking on "Burn".

    Vista Password Reset Disk Vista Password Recovery Disk
    Part II: Recover Windows Vista Password (on the computer you would like to reset password for)

    Firstly: Insert the CD/USB on your computer and boot it from this bootable CD/USB. You will enter the main interface of this program.

    Secondly: Choose the Windows installation on your PC.

    Thirdly: Highlight your target user account and click on "reset", and click "Yes" and "OK" respectively on the next two boxes.

    Fourthly: Restart your computer and finish the Vista Password Recovery procedures.

    boot computer from usb Recover Vista Password

    Recover Vista Password is not a difficult thing, you don't need to call a technician. Above experiment was carried out under my Dell laptop which is running Windows Vista operation system.

    You can create a Vista Password Reset disk before your lost Windows Vista password.
    Sounds Good?

    This Vista Password Recovery software can help you to recover lost user login password. Click below link to try it.

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